Blades at the Con

Courtesy of Evil Hat

What Players Need to Know



Player Reference?

  1. How to make a dice pool (more dots is better)
  2. How to get bonus dice (pushing yourself, taking a devil’s bargain, or being assisted)
  3. Doskvol is an industrial fantasy city with lightning ghosts
  4. Brief summaries of the various heritages, so that the character sheet has as little to explain as possible

What GMs Need to Do

Character Generation

Crew Creation

Job Prep

Running the Game


  1. Full character creation with limited crew creation and limited options
  2. Tell players only what they need to know until it comes up
  3. Short downtime with abridged actions
  4. Let your players trust you and let your players win




Usable security researcher and tabletop RPG designer

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Noel Warford

Noel Warford

Usable security researcher and tabletop RPG designer

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