Big Bad Con 2019 — Recap!


The cover of Delver. It reads “Delver: a surrealist dungeon crawl RPG from Happy Rebel Tapestries”
Delver’s cover. I also considered Solaire, the Onion Knight, or a survey of Anor Londo

Spire: The City Must Fall

The cover of Spire. It reads “Spire: The City Must Fall”. It shows three people in a doorway in bluescale
THAT ART THOUGH. The whole book is gorgeous.

An Angelic Bureaucracy

Terry Pratchett’s Death, by Paul Kidby. A skeleton with a scythe wearing a purple robe.
Terry Pratchett’s Death, since this book does not have a cover because it has only been played three times. Image by Paul Kidby, sourced from Wikipedia

hello, world

hello, world’s logo, with the text in grey and a small icon
print(“hello, world\n”);

Throne of the Void

Chrisjen Avasarala from the Expanse. An older tan-skinned woman in an emerald-toned dress.
Avasarala, but with more poisoning




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