Further reporting on how people send important documents.

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People often have to send an important document to someone they do not already know at least once or twice per year, such as financial documents to a new tax preparer, medical forms to a specialist’s office, or something else. However, it is not always clear how to do this in a way that is safe and protects one’s privacy. Most work in this field focuses on day-to-day communication, using tools like Signal or Telegram, rather than these one-off transfers of important information.

To investigate how people handle this situation, we reported on a survey last year that showed users…

User perceptions of sensitive data in transit versus at rest.

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Many users seem to care much more about what happens to sensitive information once it arrives in the hands of the recipients than what happens to it while it is in transit.

Every day, people transmit all kinds of data — files, videos, voice messages, and everything in between — across computer networks. Some of this data can be pretty sensitive, such as transferring medical records to a new doctor, exchanging financial records with an accountant, or submitting birth certificates and property tax information to enroll a child in school…

This year was another hugely successful Big Bad Con, and I’ve decided once again to write up all my amazing convention games! Plus, reflecting on the fun I had this weekend was a excellent way to spend the five-hour flight back home. If you don’t feel like reading the whole article, each section has three particular highlights from the games at the end!


The cover of Delver. It reads “Delver: a surrealist dungeon crawl RPG from Happy Rebel Tapestries”
The cover of Delver. It reads “Delver: a surrealist dungeon crawl RPG from Happy Rebel Tapestries”
Delver’s cover. I also considered Solaire, the Onion Knight, or a survey of Anor Londo

Delver, by Nora and Natalie (who I believe facilitated our game, but I forgot to ask directly! Sorry Natalie!) of Happy Rebel Tapestries, is a lightly-GMed surreal dungeon crawler, aesthetically inspired by Dark Souls, and it was…

I’ve written up some thoughts about having a successful Blades in the Dark game in a single convention slot. I’ve been fortunate enough to run great games of Blades at some really excellent cons, but some folks I’ve played with have said that is far from the norm. So! What follows is an attempt to distill some of what I’ve learned by doing this a few times.

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What Players Need to Know

Blades is a mechanically dense game and that’s really awesome! It’s totally fun to engage with those things over a campaign — long term projects, developing one’s crew, making connections with a lot…

This year, I had the pleasure of being dragged across the country by my good friend Tracy to attend a tabletop RPG convention that was a truly special event for me. Every single game was somewhere between very good and truly exceptional, and I got to play a whole host of games I had always wanted to try along with some new discoveries. Across the entire convention, I only played a game I had played before one time, and that one game (Night’s Black Agents) was one of the best sessions I have ever had the pleasure of GMing. …

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